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Kiln Drying

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We understand the sentimental value wood can have. If you have hardwood you would like to use, we can dry it to a usable moisture content.

Using our kiln, we can dry your wood to under 9% moisture content in 2-4 months, depending on thickness. Our process is not as fast as a vacuum kiln, but we have found a slower process is much better for the longevity of lumber.

We can turn your dried lumber into furniture for you or you can use it for your own creations.

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Custom Milling


Our friends at Crossroads Resources are our go-to when we need lumber custom milled. Gordon and his awesome Wood-Mizer LT-35 do a fantastic job. 


Our goal is to prevent trees being thrown into a chipper and instead turned into usable materials for construction or for furniture. Contact Gordon to save your trees from destruction. 

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